f(x)’s extended Calvin Klein Jeans CF is the best jean CF of all time

I got to say, f(x) has one of the best jean CF’s of all time.  Their commercial photos were drenched in their lustful femininity and now, Calvin Klein Jeans did not hesitate to emphasize the girls’ alluring curves in this extended CF.

The CF is very unique, staging Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria as normal civilians browsing the Calvin Klein Jeans X collection, while day-dreaming fantasies of their alter egos. The cross between their average and star like image connects with our usual day-dreaming selves.

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2NE1 wins #1 on M!Countdown plus other performances

Mnet’s M!Countdown is back with another weekly show packed with awesome performances.

The following artists performed today on M!Countdown: 2NE1, F.T. Island, VOS, Chae Dong Ha, ERU, Rainbow, Sori, SISTAR, Gavy NJ, miss S (Feat. Jung Seulgi), Electro-Boys (Feat. Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung), Dalmatian, and San E (Feat. miss A’s Min).

The winner of today’s M!Countdown was 2NE1, who beat out the other artists with their hit song, “Clap Your Hands“.

Congratulations to 2NE1!

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2NE1 returns on M!Countdown!

2NE1 has been a hot topic ever since the news of their comeback was revealed. Following the release of their album and various MVs, 2NE1 has talked about their own input into the album production and released a behind-the-scenes look at their ”Can’t Nobody” MV.

Their new album, ”To Anyone“, has been doing remarkably well, selling 100,000 copies in just 5 dayson top of their monster pre-order numbers.

After their first comeback stage on Inkigayo, the girls are back on M!Countdown to amaze us with more great performances.

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SNSD’s Jessica has a staring contest against Aoi Yu

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Lee Yeon Hee reveals tons of selca shots with SM family

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miss A’s Jia is now platinum blonde

miss A’s Min uploaded a picture of herself and groupmate Jia with a cute little puppy.

The photo was uploaded on the 16th on her Twitter. What stands out the most in this picture is that Jia is sporting light blonde hair.

After becoming known for her unique pink hair, she is now going with the ever-trendy blonde hair. In recent pictures, Jia was seen with this new hair, but this picture gives a clear look.

Fans wrote,

“The blonde hair looks good.”
“The dog is cute and miss A is cute as well.”
“I bet her hair is not in the best condition now.”

So what do you think of Jia as a blondie?

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Wonder Girls attend Jeremy Scott’s show at NYC Fashion Week

Jeremy Scott’s friendship with pop quartet 2NE1 has been welldocumented over the past year, but it looks like he’s well-aware of other big names in the kpop industry as well: it was revealed today via Tweet that the Wonder Girls made an appearance at the popular designer’s show at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week this evening!

While we’re on the topic of Fashion Week, the Girls were also seen last evening at the Alice and Olivia fashion show showcasing designs by Stacey Bendet with celebrity attendees including fashion critic Nina Garcia, Olympic skaters Johnny Weir and Sarah Hughes, actors Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Denise Richards (Saved By the BellLove ActuallyScary Movie 3) and musicians Moby andCobra Starship’s Rylan and Gabe Saporta.

Thanks to anna for the tips!

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Nichkhun’s looks stand out in 2PM

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Victoria to visit her in-laws in Thailand

f(x)’s Victoria will be meeting her in-laws for the first time on MBC’s “We Got Married.” The show has frequently mentioned 2PM Nichkhun’s parents, with Nichkhun even bringing back presents his mother bought forVictoria on the episode that was broadcasted on the 11th. At the time, Victoria bowed her head as a gesture of thanks, but she will now be able to deliver her feelings directly.

According to a representative, the couple will be leaving for Thailand on September 16th at 9:30 AM. “Nichkhun is extremely excited to be able to take Victoria with him to Thailand. He said that he’d like to show her all of the places he frequently visits and is, at the moment, busily preparing to be the perfect guide.” “Victoria, on the other hand, is extremely nervous.”

Nichkhun’s younger sister as well as his parents will be appearing on the broadcast

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2PM’s Nichkhun, Junsu, Junho leave for Thailand

2PM’s NichkhunJunsu and Junho left for Thailand on the 16th. A representative of JYPEntertainment stated, “Nichkhun is going for a filming of MBC’s “We Got Married,” while Junsu and Junho are going for Thailand promotions.

On the previous episode of “We Got Married,” Nichkhun had surprised his on-screen wife, f(x)’sVictoria, with a present his mom had prepared when he visited Thailand. Now Victoria has the opportunity to meet her mother-in-law in person. The couple is also planning on meeting up with not only Nichkhun’s parents, but also with his second younger sister, a model famous for her pretty looks.

Junsu and Junho are also visiting Thailand for 2PM promotions. 2PM has been very popular in Thailand since their debut, being active in the country as CF models for a Thai snack and such. Recently, there were many offers for the group, but due to their busy concert schedule, 2PM had to prolong their Thailand visit to the 16th.

When asked about Junsu, who hurt his index finger, the JYP representative replied, “His ligament tore when he got cut while opening a bottle. However, he’s been receiving constant treatments, so it has gotten a lot better.

2PM has recently finished their encore concert and are preparing for their next album.

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