WonderFuls demand apology from Entertainment Tonight for Wonder Girls’ MR report


Wonder Girls‘ fans, the Wonderfuls, have been demanding an apology from KBS Entertainment Tonight regarding their MR report.

On the August 21st episode of Entertainment Tonight, the show talked about the recent popularity of netizens removing the MR from artists’ performance videos and criticizing them on their live vocal abilities.

Note: MR removed videos: When the music and instruments are minimized, resulting in a maximization of the artist vocals.

What the Wonderfuls are angry at is that the show offended Wonder Girls member Sohee, by making the viewers believe that her live vocal abilities during her performances in “2 Different Tears,“ were a “lip sync.”

On Entertainment Tonight’s message board, the Wonderfuls have left lots of comments such as, “We demand an apology on next week’s episode because the contents of the show can be mistaken as ’she [Sohee] did not do enough live singing‘,” “Why are you claiming that she lip synced when she actually sang it live?” and “The Wonder Girls’ reputation has been falling because of this, and they have been criticized. I’m very disappointed.”


[Source: Allkpop]


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