T-ara’s Boram reveals her thoughts on being the new leader


T-ara’s oldest member, Boram, has revealed her feelings on becoming T-ara’s new leader in an interview with E-Daily.

I was very shocked when I heard in July that our team would be reorganized. However, I’m not shocked anymore, and I’m ready to show a completely changed side of me.

In July, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, revealed that they would be adding one more member and changing the leader from Eunjung to Boram.

Ever since T-ara’s debut, we’ve had plenty of good opportunities and we’ve never had any internal problems. Eunjung led the group well as our leader. When our agency told me to lead the group, I was a bit doubtful, but I tried to be understanding and accepted it as the role of the eldest.”

Nobody in the interview mentioned it, but it seemed as if she already knew the skepticism people had about her sudden role change as a leader, “I’ve got my jaw clenched. I’m the oldest in the group and both of my parents are celebrities. Still, I know that I’m still lacking a lot of things as a member of T-ara. I stood on stage within a month after joining the group. My start was slow, and so I believe that I can only be behind. Believe me though, I won’t stay behind for long.”

She also revealed a bit about her physical appearance and her desire to fit i to the overall balance of the group. She was at 46kg at the time of “Crazy Because of You“, but she’s down to 40kg today at 155cm. “I’m trying to lose weight down to 38kg, but it’s not as easy as I thought. I think I’ve got to try harder.”

The interview concluded with T-ara’s future plans. According to Boram, T-ara will make a comeback return in October with a new album, and will introduce new member, Hwayoung. She asked us to anticipate it, stating, “You will definitely see a changed side of me.


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