Nichkhun’s looks stand out in 2PM

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Victoria to visit her in-laws in Thailand

f(x)’s Victoria will be meeting her in-laws for the first time on MBC’s “We Got Married.” The show has frequently mentioned 2PM Nichkhun’s parents, with Nichkhun even bringing back presents his mother bought forVictoria on the episode that was broadcasted on the 11th. At the time, Victoria bowed her head as a gesture of thanks, but she will now be able to deliver her feelings directly.

According to a representative, the couple will be leaving for Thailand on September 16th at 9:30 AM. “Nichkhun is extremely excited to be able to take Victoria with him to Thailand. He said that he’d like to show her all of the places he frequently visits and is, at the moment, busily preparing to be the perfect guide.” “Victoria, on the other hand, is extremely nervous.”

Nichkhun’s younger sister as well as his parents will be appearing on the broadcast

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2PM’s Nichkhun, Junsu, Junho leave for Thailand

2PM’s NichkhunJunsu and Junho left for Thailand on the 16th. A representative of JYPEntertainment stated, “Nichkhun is going for a filming of MBC’s “We Got Married,” while Junsu and Junho are going for Thailand promotions.

On the previous episode of “We Got Married,” Nichkhun had surprised his on-screen wife, f(x)’sVictoria, with a present his mom had prepared when he visited Thailand. Now Victoria has the opportunity to meet her mother-in-law in person. The couple is also planning on meeting up with not only Nichkhun’s parents, but also with his second younger sister, a model famous for her pretty looks.

Junsu and Junho are also visiting Thailand for 2PM promotions. 2PM has been very popular in Thailand since their debut, being active in the country as CF models for a Thai snack and such. Recently, there were many offers for the group, but due to their busy concert schedule, 2PM had to prolong their Thailand visit to the 16th.

When asked about Junsu, who hurt his index finger, the JYP representative replied, “His ligament tore when he got cut while opening a bottle. However, he’s been receiving constant treatments, so it has gotten a lot better.

2PM has recently finished their encore concert and are preparing for their next album.

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Sandara Park amazes with her flawless young skin

Sandara Park’s “absolutely young” skin is recently a hot topic of conversation among netizens.

On the September 14th airing of “2NE1 TV Season 2“, Sandara Park went shopping at Dongdaemun with fellow 2NE1 member, Park Bom. Although Sandara Park was wearing a black hoodie with nomake-up, her clean and flawless skin attracted a lot of attention.

Netizens who watched the broadcast were rather surprised at Sandara Park’s “absolutely young” skin:“It’s absolutely young. Totally baby skin”, “It’s getting tiring to say she’s pretty after saying it so many times”, and “She’s an ‘84 and 27-years old, but she has better skin than me, a 17 year old”.

Don’t you wish you had young skin like Dara?

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4minute shows fresh faces for Ariul

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that 4minute would be endorsing Ariul Cosmetics and a couple of CF teasers were revealed.

For the first pictorial for Ariul, the 4minute members confidently showed their fresh faces.

Instead of shooting with heavy makeup, fancy hair styles, and glowing skin, the girls donned on white clothes and transformed into elegant, youthful girls. 4minute has been known for their provocative images on stage, but at the filming location, the girls were able to show their pure image, which received a lot of praise from the staff.

A filming staff member revealed, ‘Underneath the fancy stage styling is the clean and youthful image of 4minute. This is a great chance to show their overflowing charisma and a different type of look.

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SHINee enters the Oricon Charts

Popular SM Entertainment group Girls’ Generation / SNSD or Shoujo Jidai is currently concentrating on the Japanese market but today another SM Entertainment group is taking the spotlight in Japan.

On September 15th, the boys of SHINee released a Japanese version of their hit ‘Lucifer’ Album and today the Oricon Daily Chart revealed that SHINee placed 8th. There’s no word on when SHINee plans to make their official debut in Japan but with results like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they plan on debuting in the near future.

Thanks to Yoomi for the tip and congratulations to SHINee.

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SNSD’s Taeyeon voted queen of aegyo

SNSD’s Taeyeon has been voted as the idol girl group member with the most aegyo.

Internet community, DC Inside, conducted a survey titled, “Female idol that will melt your boyfriend’s heart with her overflowing aegyo” from September 7-14. A total of 16,801 people participated in the survey, with Taeyeon coming in 1st place with a total of 10,211 votes (60.8%).

Netizens responded, “Taeyeon is aegyo” and “I’d like to melt the heart of Taeyeon’s aegyo.

Following behind Taeyeon in 2nd place was SNSD’s Sunny with 2,891 votes (17.2%). Lastly, 2PM Nichkhun’s “We Got Married” wife, f(x)’s Victoria, came in at 3rd place with 2,424 votes (14.4%).

What do you think? Which female idol group member would melt your boyfriend’s heart?

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